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Our full-circle integration of capabilities and services allow us to respond safely, quickly and efficiently to the complex demands of your projects.

Structural Steel

From new construction (single and multi-story) to expansion of an existing structure, we can handle your structural steel needs. Our experienced local erection crews are the best in the business.

Seismic Retrofit

From installing Buckling Restrained Braces (BRB's) and Viscous Dampers to reinforcing existing structural steel, concrete and wood framed buildings, we specialize in seismic upgrades. Our field crews work within an existing structures, whether vacated or occupied, with minimal disruption.

Architectural & Ornamental Metals

We take a craftsman’s approach to our architectural and ornamental metal services. We have experience with multiple metals including stainless steel, aluminum and bronze and a variety of finishes such as polished, painted, powder coated and more.

Stairs & Railings

From a grand lobby staircase to an industrial exit stair tower, we can support design/build, design/assist or build stairs exactly to your specification.

Miscellaneous Metals

When projects require additional metal work beyond the base structure we can provide all your other miscellaneous metal needs including canopies, gates, ladders, braces, sunscreens, bollards and more.

Support Services

Beyond the core set of capabilities we offer, Viking Steel also performs a variety of support services to help our projects run smoothly.


From budgeting assistance early in the design phase of a project to value engineering efforts along the way, our estimating and project management teams will provide expertise and support beyond fabrication and erection.

Detailing & Engineering

We provide a full range of detailing capabilities utilizing experienced in-house resources as well as strategic partnerships with outside detailing companies. Services include design build, engineering, 3D and BIM Modeling.

Project Management

Our team of project managers have the experience, flexibility and skills needed to make sure your project is on-time and within budget.


Our fabrication facility in Sacramento, CA, provides a central location for all projects throughout Northern California.

Erection & Installation

Our erection and installation is performed by the best local ironworkers from the California Field Ironworkers Union.